Nikie Honegger

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Hey! My name is Nikie Honegger. I was born and raised in Grand Prairie TX, and have not travelled far since. LA does have its appeal, however! I love anything active! Snowboarding, paint balling, and water skiing! Put me on the beach and you’ll see the happiest girl you’ll ever meet! The goal is to one day own my own modeling agency, reaching out to all types of women and men! Maybe one day even change the industry. 😉

Nikie Honegger

-Comparison: I’ve heard I look like Kristen Stewart a lot

-Sports teams: The Dallas Cowboys will always have a place in this girls heart! ❤ and of course OU! Boomer Sooner!

-Music: I listen to it all! From Mozart to The Beatles! But I think Led Zeppelin takes the cake! They are my absolute favorite!

Nikie Honegger 3

-When did your modeling career get started?

Hm, I think I was 18, started a little later in life, I was always under the impression that I wasn’t good enough for it, but I finally pushed myself to do my first shoot and haven’t stopped since! I love it!! And I mean everything about it, health/fitness, the lifestyle and the behind the scenes! The sometimes, well most times, uncomfortable poses you hold for a minute or two. Hair/makeup artists, photographers and models all work together for one really amazing picture. It’s definitely an experience to remember!!

-Events you’ve worked/hosted?

I have worked as a beer girl here and there, been in some local music videos and worked for several promo companies; but currently I am working on being a bud light girl! Now that would be fun!

Nikie Honegger 4

-Inspired by?

People inspire me every day! Everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing them all! I have learned throughout each and every story, that persistence and an unfailing belief in one’s self is the true key to success!


-Do you get nervous before a photo shoot? How do you prepare?

Sometimes, depends on the shoot! And what I’m shooting in! Before any shoot, I will usually make sure I am packed, eat light and plenty of water, and never underestimate the power of a good nights rest!

Nikie Honegger 2

-Tell us about your first shoot. When, where, the photographer, etc.

My first real shoot was for the Hooters calendar tryouts, it was all around Dallas! I was so nervous! But it was the funnest thing I’ve ever done! I remember getting kicked off the Dallas opera house terrain for being too risqué (a bikini). Haha hows’ that for a first experience! And the photographer was great! Very professional! Those pictures actually made the cut!!

  1. Dee Lane says:

    Always good interviews looking for more from you

  2. You do a good interview. Love reading your articles, sports and others as well.

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